During the summer of 2016 Lazsarus is in the studio - writing and recording the upcoming debut. 

In December of 2014 during the recording of "Svenska Hjältar" on the Swedish tv-channel TV4 I announced "Lazsarus". Since then I have tried to plan and work on a schedule that would give me the possibility to focus on my own music but I did not succeed. After having played the last planned solo-gig with YOHIO in October 2015 I felt that it was time for a break - I needed to clear my head. For several years I have had a desire to make something of my own. I have tried - but it has always been overlooked for some other music-project. When I got the call from the manager asking if I could do one last gig in Sweden before YOHIO moves to Japan I felt that it's time. This is the last gig with YOHIO for the forseable future and that also means that Lazsarus will get all my attention during the forseable future. In the middle of May I am heading into the studio with no strings attached – no record label, management or producers to pour my heart and soul into this project.

Until then.